Asian Steak and Noodle Salad
Asian Steak and Noodle Salad

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  • I failed to love this that a lot. the sauce as comely and i love the greens and the dressing nonetheless i failed to love the marinade on the steak and i failed to love the flank steak

  • The dressing used to be too sweet for my taste so I added more lime juice. I additionally feeble a Dole Asian salad mix which wasn’t very comely. That just isn’t the fault of the recipe though. What I did love used to be the flavour the marinade gave the meat and I map on using that with my frequent Asain beef sald recipe.

  • This salad used to be expansive tasty and looked beautiful
    when plated. I added a couple tablespoons of
    rice wine vinegar to the marinade because I love
    the mix with fish sauce. For the salad
    dressing I feeble about 1/2 the sugar and only 4
    tablespoons of fish sauce and feeble a jalapeno
    in location of dried chile flakes. I didn’t taste precisely love the Vietnamese model I love so
    a lot, nonetheless It used to be very agreeable, and did I mention

  • The meat flavor used to be very agreeable, nonetheless the salad wasn’t that noble. It used to be more or less laborious to eat with the meat on top.(lowering into each and every)

  • The recipe calls for
    too a lot fish sauce
    in the salad
    dressing. I
    point out starting
    with 1 tablespoon of
    fish sauce and
    adding more as
    taste needs. If
    not, the total
    part gets
    overpowered by the
    fish sauce and likewise you
    free the total diversified
    very agreeable flavors.

  • I made a few changes fixed with what I didn’t procure on-hand: no scallions for the dressing, spherical steak in location of flank, Fuji apples in location of Granny Smith, salted cashews in location of peanuts and red-leaf lettuce in location of Asian salad mix or diversified bitter greens. I could per chance presumably surely personal this all any other time if I had bitter greens, a lot like arugula, nonetheless the soft red-leaf lettuce did nothing for the recipe. On the other hand the meat used to be worthwhile and the dressing savory. I even ate leftovers tomorrow and as well they held up splendidly.

  • Absolutely divine!!! Preferrred as is!

  • yucky aggregate

  • In the CA bay dwelling we procure many Asian dining venues. This recipe is the significant legitimate recipe I’ve made the total plan the total model down to the mint. The only cha nge I made used to be to cut down on the oil to place cals. Oh, one diversified, I failed to procure the best noodles so I feeble spag. Any noodle would work with this as it is a long way an ideal recipes.

  • Salubrious aggregate
    of textures and so
    savory. I was
    quick 3 Tb of fish
    sauce for the
    dressing so added
    1Tb of canola oil
    to a little thicken
    and 1 Tb soy
    sauce. Originate not care
    for raw shallots so
    I sauteed them
    first. I marinated
    the meat for the
    rotund 8 hours and it
    used to be soft, juicy
    and savory. No
    leftovers on this
    one. It got rave

  • This dish has a
    very agreeable
    aggregate of
    textures and is so
    savory. I
    used to be 3 Tb trying
    fish sauce for the
    dressing so I
    substituted 1 Tb
    of soy sauce and 1
    Tb of canola oil.
    The oil correct
    a little
    thickened it and
    helped it adhere to
    the noodles and the
    greens with out
    changing the taste.
    I place not
    fancy raw
    shallots in salad
    so I sauteed them
    first sooner than
    adding to the
    sauce. I
    marinated the meat
    for the rotund 8
    hours and it used to be
    soft, juicy and
    savory. No
    leftovers on this
    one. It got rave
    critiques and I will
    surely be making all of it any other time.

  • This used to be not only savory, nonetheless very
    enjoyable as a meal. I took lots of of the
    outdated solutions (including adding
    chili sauce later to taste, lowering the
    quantity of mint and adding thai basil and
    cilantro to personal up the adaptation, and
    only marinated the steak for 4 hours). In
    addition, I tend to disquieted away from adding
    any model of fruit in an entree, nonetheless the
    apples indubitably added a freshness and
    crunchiness that must not be overlooked. I
    tried it each and every ways (with and with out
    apples) and surprisingly came all thru the salad
    missing with out!

  • Cherished it! I are living in Milan, Italy the place
    Chinese food is quiet map to be exotic and
    in the end had a hankering for steak in
    some more or less soy marinade and came all thru
    this. The dish is easy to personal, perfect for
    summer, light and current. I unbiased about
    followed the recipe (though I did add a
    carrot and sigh only one apple) and am
    tickled I did so I’m able to personal all of it any other time.
    Sadly my boyfriend just isn’t this form of
    sizable fan of fish sauce so I procure no belief how
    it can per chance per chance lope over with him; I could per chance presumably correct must
    give it a are attempting, though.

  • I indubitably procure made this four instances now, and it is a long way cherished by all. Here in the O.C. we procure a number of the supreme Vietnamese communities in the world, so I’m very mindful of the Vietnamese dishes upon which this recipe is basically basically based. In these dishes, in location of current sliced shallots, fried shallot slices (which is willing to be purchased in plastic jars at many asian stores) would be feeble, and my ride is that they taste seriously greater. Also, less mint would be feeble; as a exchange one would uncover a mix of mint, cilantro and a range of diversified fragrant salad leaves; when you occur to must not procure rep entry to to those, I point out using less mint and more salad greens. As a exchange of dried red pepper flakes, a chili paste would be added by every diner to taste to the dressing sooner than pouring over his or her maintain salad; This more or less paste could per chance presumably additionally be came all thru at most Asian markets. Sooner or later, when you occur to’ll uncover Vietnamese fish sauce it is a long way a lot lighter and more quiet than Thai fish sauce. Lastly, I’m able to screech from ride that it is not a agreeable belief to marinate the meat to any extent extra than the advised 8 hours, or it turns into a long way too salty and fishy for many tastes.

  • Very comely, esp. the marinade. I came all thru the mint a little overpowering so subsequent time I will add less.

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